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A bit of history

Office, Home and Contract Seating

We craft designs, functions, materials and colours to create the right ergonomic chair.

Chair Factory is dynamic and passionate with a solid 25 years of experience in manufacturing office chairs. Founded in 1994 as a manufacturer of simple office chairs today Chair Factory is an aura of major multi-national companies offering the right engineered ergonomic office chairs and executive leather chairs with multiple adjustments, steeped in stately style, character and design.

About Us

Smart Office Smart People

Current working environments have radically been changed and the very concept of workplace has evolved into something much more liveable and more person-oriented. The emphasis is on the comfort of the workplace, without neglecting the aesthetics, unlocking the classic concept of “ergonomic office” to see it enriched with lounge seating. The technical chair is always at the centre of the project, pleasing, ergonomic and technologically advanced, but it must be flanked by engineered elements with a large choice of finishes & structure.

About Us


Chair Factory comes with a thought of making tedious working hours comfortable through a range of engineered ergonomic office chairs. Available in varied styles, designs & adjustments,proves to be the right companion for your employees, ultimately boosting their performance, reducing their fatigue & stress factor. We manufacture Hi-Quality range of seating for the office or home space having triumphed ergonomics. This quality is achieved through its vast experience of providing style & comfort for more than 3 decades. Each chair is an outcome of state of the artdesign plans, quality materials and meticulous production facilities.

About Us

Behind Quality

Chair Factory has always been passionate in what it does and is a strong believer of ethics and quality. In workplaces, elegance and essentiality are now indispensable. Expectations of a seating must always be high, especially from the technical point of view, that’s where we thrive. We strive to achieve new ergonomic designs which functions to offer the right posture, dynamic adjustments &vogue elements. Not just this, we aim at comforting our clients with passionate service, timely delivery & post sales dedication.